Rockapelli: A Native American Flute Journey

by Emiliano Campobello & Kevin Donoho

Released 2013
Sacred Winds Music
Released 2013
Sacred Winds Music
A musical journey featuring Native American flutes, crossing the borders between classic rock, world music, and new age. The flutes, guitar, percussion and cello, are interwoven with the sounds of Nature.. wind, water, and the songs of birds and whales.
Rockapelli is the journey of two artists exploring together their passion for the Native American & ancient Anasazi flutes.
These songs soothe and inspire with the soulful call of these magical instruments.
Classic folkrock-inspired guitars, drums, percussion, and the Japanese “shakuhachi” bamboo flute add to the textures along the way. It is a unique project has been described as a "Pink Floyd on the Prairie".
The Spirit of Nature enters with the sound of birds, flowing creeks, rolling waves and the melodic songs of whales.. taking us from the Canyonlands to the depths of Mother Ocean.
Each song has it's own atmosphere, and the CD is designed as a journey to be enjoyed and experienced from beginning to end.
Rockapelli has also been used by insiders for years for yoga lessons and healing bodywork sessions.
Enjoy the ride...
~ “Mitakuye Oyasin” ~
All original songs composed and performed by Emiliano Campobello and Kevin Donoho
Produced by Christopher James Thomas of Manifest Muse Music/figure8sound

Songlist and credits:
A flute, guitar and percussion groove Great for dancing and driving through the Southwest.
Emiliano ~ N.A.flute Kevin ~ guitar Christopher James Thomas ~ percussion, elec. guitar
A sensitive anthem of flute, guitar, cello and strings. Uplifting.. used for TaiChi.
Emiliano ~ N.A.flute Kevin ~ guitar Betsy Wise ~ cello Christopher James Thomas ~ strings, sounds
A happy flute, guitar, percussion jam, with fast flute melodies flowing like water.
Emiliano ~ N.A.flute Kevin ~ guitar Christopher James Thomas ~ percussion
"Rock Canyon"
More fun with flute, guitar, percussion, with driving rhythms.
Emiliano ~ drone N.A.flute Kevin ~ guitar, N.A.flute Christopher James Thomas ~ percussion
"Morning Creek"
Takes us back to nature with creeks and birds, and flute waking up the forest.
Emiliano ~ N.A.flute Jim Long ~ percussion, sounds
8 minutes of flute, guitar and percussion with a harkening back to our classic rock roots.
Emiliano ~ drone N.A.flute Kevin ~ guitar, udu Christopher James Thomas ~ percussion
"Udu Child"
A slower, tribal groove with udu and shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) added to the mix.
Emiliano ~ shakuhachi flute Kevin ~ N.A. flute, batajon Christopher James Thomas ~ percussion, udu
"Elk Prayer"
The deep bass flute sends the call out echoed by another flute, carrying the prayer from Mother Earth to Father Sky.
Emiliano ~ bass N.A.flute, elkskin drum Kevin ~ N.A. flute
A cosmic solo piece on the ancient Anasazi flute, weaving the fabrics of space and time.
Emiliano ~ Anasazi flute solo
The word the Chumash Indians use for water.. 5 minutes of Mother Ocean sharing her song. Hit repeat and sleep to the waves.
The Ocean at Goleta Beach, Goleta, CA
"Anasazi Whale Dream"
A duet on Anasazi flutes, interwoven with whale songs and fairy bells.. taking us deep, back to a long-forgotten place.
Emiliano ~ Anasazi flute, fairy bells Kevin ~ Anasazi flute Humpback Whales ~ songs

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